About us

A1 Movers Chicago is a Chicago moving company and we are here to help with your relocation. Our movers are all held to a very high standard so your move is stress free and is run efficiently. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field, having helped countless people on the way.

We plan your move according to your needs, wants and desires. Our movers are trained to be fast, reliable and efficient with every move. You will not see any standing around or confusion, our moves are carried out with precision planning and professionalism. Your items will be safe in the professional hands of our workers.

We are not only working to make you happy, but we want you to feel comfortable sending your friends and family our way in their time of need.

Competence and Punctuality as a Chicago Moving Company

We understand that competence and professionalism is the only way of building a lasting relationship with our clients. Our purpose is to awe you with our service so that you may call upon us for future moves or relocation needs.

One of the many factors associated with A1 Chicago Movers is the fact that we take punctuality very seriously. We put ourselves in the customers position and know that we would not like to hire movers and have them come late, therefore, we ALWAYS arrive on time. We have partnerships with many moving services in the area, in the event your job requires additional trucks and workers, so we can have them at the drop of a phone call.

Experience Is Key

All the movers we hire are experience and trained according to our highest standards. We do not let inexperienced people do the work, because for us the value of efficiency and our reputation are of utmost importance.

The moving process is stressful. Consider all the planning, looking for a new place, buying boxes, all the packing. Then you end up worrying if all your personal belongings will make it to the new location unharmed. We understand this stress and do everything in our power to eliminate that from the actual move. Our focus is to have you sit back and not feel like you have to do a single thing.

When our trucks pull up to your house, they will be exceptionally clean and our workers will all be dressed well. The first thing our movers do is strategically plan the move when they arrive at your house. You will see a system and not a free for all of 5 rooms being moved at once. No, you will see organization and efficiency. We will go over the entire plan with you, which will include, expectations of time and any problems we may have identified with any of your belongings. Many times we are overly cautious with your items, but we would rather err on the side of caution and tell you ahead of time, rather than come to you later with a broken item.