How To Move To A Small Apartment

January 16, 2018 41Local Moving

How To Move To A Small Apartment

In this day and age minimalism is highly praised and for good reason. And one of the best ways to adopt that mindset is if you move to place that forces you to be minimal. Most commonly people do that by going from a bigger place to smaller one. However, that presents you with certain challenges of its own.

For example, you may have more stuff than you have initially considered. Even if you have already thrown out certain things, you never quite understand how much space your life occupies until you are forced to deal with it. So below are a few ways to downsize before you move to a small place (or when you are moving). They are coming from A1 Movers – a Chicago moving company.

Tip #1: Declutter Now

It is one thing to throw away the obvious trash – it is a completely different things to really tell where the problem lies. Most people have way too many items at home. And they hardly need most of them. So doing some inventory now and figuring out what you actually want is a great way to declutter things.

Here is a quick example – go through your clothes and only keep those that are interchangeable and that you wear constantly. Keep your suits, sure, but don’t keep regular everyday clothes that you no longer wear.

Tip #2: Digital Is King

Many people enjoy books and magazines. But today books serve as too much of a decoration, and they are not regarded for their content all that much. Which is obviously wrong. What you should do is only buy digital books and magazines from now on. That way you will enjoy the books for what they are, and you likely will spend less money to do so. This actually applies to music and movies just as much. And the collections you might already have can easily be sold online.

Tip #3: Furniture Arrangement

The best way to save space is to not use big and bulky furniture pieces that don’t have much use outside of their looks. We know about big sofas that have huge armrests that are completely unnecessary. Or armchairs that take up space for 3 people. Why? These are remnants of a bygone era of thinking way too big. Sure, you may think minimalism is taking things too far, but we have already been doing that in the other direction. So perhaps a little bit of “nothingness” is all welcome.

With these tips it will be much easier to move to a smaller place. And if you need help, you can always call A1 Movers.


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