Moving Boxes and Supplies

If you want to approach moving with a DIY mindset your best chance is to get started with high quality moving boxes and packing supplies, purchased from a Chicago moving company that knows its stuff. We from A1 Movers offer professional grade supplies that will be extremely useful for all types of moves. If you are not convinced in the merits of buying high quality moving boxes and packing supplies, see below why you should be!

Why High Quality Boxes and Supplies Matter

Do you value your items? Do you want to keep them protected and safe? Because here is the truth – you can definitely go out and try to look for cardboard boxes from your local grocery store. You can find some in the liquor shop as well. Or you may even have some saved from big purchases at your local retailer. But that does not mean these boxes can withstand a move.

Consider this – big companies want to cut their expenses as much as possible, so they use the minimum amount of protection their products need. But lighter products, which can stand a few bumps and are not fragile don’t really need much protection at all. So the cardboard is not at all made to keep them safe, but rather to contain them.

However, you have valuable electronics, expensive china sets, plates and other fragile items. These need to be packed properly, and a single bump can shatter them to pieces. Of course, this is not something that you want to happen. Especially to your newly bought flatscreen TV.

Types of Moving Boxes

This is why you need high quality boxes. With them you can rest assured that all your items will be kept safe and you won’t need to worry about breaking them. Not only that, but we also have special boxes for specific items. We have a wardrobe box for your expensive suits and dresses that cannot be crammed in a box. We also have a special TV box for smaller and bigger TVs so that you don’t break them when you try to move them.

With our packing and moving supplies your DIY move will be much easier and handled with enough care that you won’t have to spend more money trying to fix broken items and furniture. Do your research, see how things are packed and how furniture should be moved, buy high quality boxes and supplies and have a safe move!