Moving Services

Here is the thing – people don’t want fluff and pointless additions they don’t need. You don’t want unnecessary services, or hidden fees and all that. We understand that perfectly well, and as a high regarded Chicago moving company we are stepping forward to provide you with all the necessary services you may need.

With our variety of different services you can pick just the one that you actually need. You can be charged by the hour or by project, depending on the situation, so you don’t really need to pay more than you have. Below we have the list of moving options you may choose.

Local Moving

If you are only looking for a move to a different place in the city, this is the choice for you. These moves are done quickly and with our efficient movers you will be relocated in no time. Plus the stress with them is not that high at all, so you don’t have many things to worry about. We have more information about that service on its dedicated page.

Long Distance Moving

One of the other popular choice is moving outside the state or to a faraway city, maybe even across the country. Such moves are much bigger in scope, and often come with a lot of stress for our clients. This is why it is of utmost importance for the move to be carried out with as much precision as possible, so that there is no unnecessary fuss.

Residential Moving

If you have a big residence that needs to be moved, this may often be quite the undertaking. A lot of moving companies cannot usually handle such a task, but with have a lot of experience with it so you can rest assured that you are in experienced and professional hands. With us your move will be completely stress-free and done as fast as possible.

Commercial Moving

We understand how important it is for business clients to have their offices or warehouses moved as quickly as possible. You don’t want to waste any time in unnecessarily slowdowns and slacking. It is completely normal and we understand the need for utmost professionalism. This is why are movers are specifically trained to be fast and efficient, while also being extremely careful. Check out more about this service on its respective page.

Piano Moving

If you own a piano, then you know that although it may seem robust, it is actually quite the delicate instrument. So it cannot be moved around by any random moving company and needs to be handled by a Chicago moving company with vast experience in the field. We from A1 Movers Chicago can actually help you with that, so just give us a call and arrange the move.

Emergency Moving

We know that life is unpredictable and you may often be surprised by your circumstances. So the need to move may pop up out of nowhere. But how do you organize a move on a short notice? With our emergency move service you can request our movers outside of working hours and on the weekends. Read more about this service on its own page.

Antique Moving

Moving your antique items is not an easy task and should be handled by movers with the necessary know-how and experience. These valuable items have to be carried with caution and attention. We can do that for you, so that you can move without worrying whether or not your antiques will arrive in one piece!