Piano Moving

Most moves and relocations are fairly regular – they are usually packing a bunch of rooms and transporting the items to another place, often within a tight radius. But what can make an otherwise ordinary and pretty straightforward move into a complete disaster if it is not handled properly? Well, the necessity to move a big musical instrument, such as a piano.

The truth is simple – while you may have a studio apartment that doesn’t need much effort to be moved, that won’t be the case if there is a piano in it. Your friends can help you with everything else, for sure. They can give you a hand in packing, some of them might even lend a hand with a bigger truck to load all the items onto it, but who is going to help you move a piano?

In all honesty, most people don’t understand how challenging it is to move such a musical instrument, so much so that not every Chicago moving company can do it. Pianos are not cheap at all, they are not your regular newbie guitars that cost couple of hundred bucks. We are talking about thousands of dollars here. Plus it is a delicate instrument, even if it is big.

So What Is Piano Moving Exactly?

You know that your piano needs special attention. It is bulky, but it is also soft, in a way. It needs care and you always tend to it. That is because you understand the value of the piano. It has a soul of its own, in a way, and that is not something that a couple of guys can simply lift and move a dozen feet.

While certain pieces of furniture can without a doubt withstand a few bumps here and there without even seeing a scratch, you don’t have such a luxury with your prized musical instrument. It is heavy, robust, bulky and most importantly – pretty fragile. Sure, it won’t break from a bump, but that doesn’t mean something won’t go wrong with it.

So piano moving is just that – a special technique for moving this special music instrument with extreme care and consideration. It cannot be handled by a random Chicago moving company. You need experienced professionals who know how to handle the job and know exactly what pitfalls they need to avoid.

Call A1 Movers so we can schedule your piano move. Together we can work out the best way to move the piano from your apartment building or your house.

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