While we all want life to work out perfectly and everything to go according to our plans and schedules, this rarely happens. More often than not we find ourselves pressed by time having to work things around and make the best of our time.

So what happens when you have to do that with moving? You may have everything set up perfectly, but the actual dates of moving out and moving in may not align. Or you may have tons of stuff from your old home, but you want to downsize. However, figuring out a way to get rid of them is not as easy as it sounds.

For such occasions your best bet is to go with a temporary storage facility. That way you can keep your items safe, while you go about doing whatever else you want. Prices for these facilities are beyond reasonable and if you find the right Chicago moving company, you can actually negotiate to fit it within the entire moving routine.

What Kind of Storage Would You Need?

We from A1 Movers offer a wide variety of different storage facilities. You can get a bigger one if you have a lot of items (for example, the majority of your stuff, because you have to wait to move in your new place), or a smaller one for just some special things you don’t want to carry to your new place.

It is good to know that we are extremely flexible and our prices are designed to meet your needs. So you will never have to pay for a bigger unit, if you don’t need it. Plus we are all for arranging things perfectly so that they fit in a smaller storage unit. You are completely free to use up the space as you see fit, and you can always upgrade if you have not judged the size of the storage unit you need.

Can Every Chicago Moving Company Provide Storage?

While there are a lot of companies that do provide storage facilities it is best to go with the same one that organizes your move. That is because they will have immediate access to your items and there won’t be a necessity for cross-company logistics, which usually bumps the price of the entire service up.

If you want to rent your own storage facility, make sure to give us a call. Our agents will walk you through the process of moving your items there and how the entire relocation is handled.