The DIY Approach To Moving Furniture

October 16, 2017 374Local Moving

The DIY Approach To Moving Furniture

Nowadays people want to save money, and that is normal. So when it comes to moving, the first thought that springs inside our mind is “why don’t I handle it alone?” Well, not alone per se, but rather with a couple of friends. No need to pay some big companies to come and do everything, right? You can definitely save a buck if you handle things on your own. Heck, you can even rent a truck, if it comes to it.

But while you don’t need a Chicago moving company for your situation, you still need to do some research on how to actually conduct a proper move. Because you may be good at packing, you may even be pretty great at organizing, but if you don’t know how to move your furniture properly, you are in for some nasty experiences. But don’t worry! Today we have for you some free tips on how to manage the moving of your furniture pieces.

Tip #1: It Is All About The Parts

Ever tried to carry way too much groceries on your way home? Most people have. And you know what happens – you are way too slow, way too uncomfortable and you risk a bag breaking due to how overfilled it is. It is not a pleasant experience. So why do people attempt the same thing when moving furniture? It will be much easier if you just disassemble the thing and carry the pieces. And you don’t need to be a genius to do it. Just look online for a manual and follow it. Bonus points if it is IKEA.

Tip #2: The Other Stuff First

If you cannot disassemble every single piece of furniture, or maybe even disassembled the parts are way too big, you will need some clear space to move them. And you cannot do that with box lying around everywhere. So just take care of that other stuff before attempting to move the furniture. Plan and follow a reasonable strategy. Don’t just try to “wing it”.

Tip #3: The Technique Is Everything

Do you like injuries? We bet you don’t. But you are likely to get them if you think you have the strength of Superman and moving heavy furniture is not a difficult task. Because in fact, it is. Sure, it’s not rocket science, but it still needs some effort to be understood. Because it is not just grasping and lifting either.

Look online for proper lifting techniques. Remember to focus your strength and push in your legs and not your back. Otherwise you are likely to suffer very painful injuries. Remember, always put your health and that of your peers first. Never attempt to do anything remotely dangerous. Or unreasonably. Anyway, if you don’t want to deal with all that, just give us a call and we will be there to move things for you. The professionals at A1 Movers are always ready to help!


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